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⚡ PROMO: Buy 2 Get 3 for Free! || Code: GET5PAY2 ⚡


How to download?

After your payment has been successfully confirmed, your order link will be available right away.
Click on it to initiate the download process. You can use your phone directly if you prefer.

Once download is complete, you need to open the Files app and find the ZIP file you've just downloaded.
Tap on the Zip file. A folder is created containing the files. Now, you can start customizing!

How to apply the app icons?

1. Open the Shortcuts app
2. Add a new shortcut
3. Click the Add Action button
4. Click on the Scripting option
5. Click the Open App button
6. Choose the app you want customized
7. Click the ellipsis icon
8. Click the Add to Home Screen button
9. Choose a name, then tap the icon
10. Click the Choose Photo button
11. Choose your icon, then hit Add
12. It should be on your home screen!




Good News!

Shortcuts app no longer show up with the new iOS 14.3 Beta update.